About us

Abosharia Suneeta Amesse Professional Corporation core focus is serving the legal needs of our client with the utmost commitment. Our services let our clients’ rest easy knowing we are in charge of their legal issues. Our clients depend on us to provide innovative solutions to their legal issues, and we use our experience and resources to help our clients handle their legal challenges.

Dependable experience

Abosharia Suneeta Amesse Professional Corporation guarantees effective and well-versed representation of you and your legal matters.

Dedicated and loyal team at your service

When your legal matters are in our hands, be assured we will give it our best shot to help you. We are ever committed, using our team of legal practitioners to solve your legal issues.

We Treat Your Legal Matters With Respect

Whatever your legal needs are, we are here to address them with the utmost respect. Your privacy is our concern, we are committed to giving you the highest level of confidentiality. We approach all our clients’ legal matters focused on integrity, advocacy, and understanding.

These concepts above makeup the core vision of our business. We are committed to providing prompt service, communication effectively, while being affordable.

Who Is A Paralegal ?

A paralegal is a professional who is qualified through education and experience to provide legal services to the general public within scope of practice as authorized by the Law Society of Canada, but they are not lawyers. In Ontario, paralegals are licensed by the Law Society of Ontario and are regulated as officers of the court.

Only in Ontario are Paralegals fully approved to practice law, yet they do have some limitations; they can represent clients accused of minor Provincial Offences, labour law issues, Landlord and Tenant matters, Refugee law and Small Claims Court. They may also represent clients in certain criminal matters. However, Paralegals may not represent clients involved in federal crimes, family courts, or inheritances; all of which are reserved to fully licensed Lawyers.

Complete information about Paralegal Regulations, Legislation, and scope of authorized activities you can find on the Law Society of Canada website.