Traffic Offenses

Why Dispute Your Ticket?

Paying your ticket, without knowing the facts have consequences!

Fines or sentencing for traffic offences can cause too much worry. Often the immediate effect of such a penalty may not seem important at the time. In such cases we often think that we might as well pay the ticket and get it over with……. NOT EXACTLY TRUE!
The immediate effect may seem small and less important at the time, we cannot tell what will happen in the future. The immediate effect may seem small and less important at the time, but most traffic offenses carry demits points, that will affect your driving record. 

Prevent the potential effects of fines and sentencing penalties for driving offences:

  • Driving Motor Vehicle Record
  • Financial Hardship
  • Increase in Insurance Premiums
  • License Suspensions
  • Problem Getting Employment
  • Time Off Work and Loss of Income

Avoid Paying Higher Insurance Premiums!

Here are three types of convictions: minor, major and serious. Major and serious convictions will affect your insurance premiums and your insurance company may refuse to offer you coverage. When you are refused insurance from Insurance Company, you will be forced to purchase insurance from a High risk insurer (Facility Insurance). The rates of facility insurance are extremely higher due to high risk.  

Minor offences will also most likely affect your premiums. If you have one minor offence most insurance companies will give you a break. With two minor offences will likely increase your insurance rates. These increases are NOT generally for a one-year period. You will pay the increase rate for several years going forward. 

Disputing Your Ticket?

You have the right to challenge your ticket in court. If you receive an Offence Notice (ticket) for an offence you should contact us for legal advice and have your day in court.

For more information, we strongly urge you to get the legal advice from ASA Professional Corporation about your legal options and the possible penalties you could face.